Volunteer Pilot Group

Air transportation for those in need… and for those who help them.


Volunteer Pilot Group Inc. is a non-profit volunteer pilot organization based in Florida, USA. As a member of the Air Care Alliance, VPG’s mission is to facilitate charitable air transportation by connecting volunteer pilots with flight requests from passengers in need, as well as from volunteer organizations whose workers serve communities in the fields of education, healthcare, and disaster relief. VPG provides this service at no cost to those being served.

VPG strives to build collaborative relationships with governmental emergency management agencies and other non-governmental organizations in order to support routine and non-routine missions delivering material and personnel to communities in need.


Pilots invited to operate under VPG’s umbrella are carefully vetted and trained to ensure safety and consistency of operations. Pilots and aircraft are capable of instrument flight and international operations. Most of the aircraft used by our volunteers are single- and multi-engine piston and turbine aircraft that carry between four and ten passengers. Our people and equipment offer agility and scalability to meet challenges—big or small, local or far-reaching.

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For more information about how VPG can assist your organization, or to make a flight request, please fill in this form and provide us with a few details. A volunteer will contact you as soon as possible.

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Legal Documents

We would be pleased to send you pre-filled documents that can be signed online via DocuSign.

As an alternative, you may download, print, sign, scan, and return your completed form to [email protected]